Ok, by now most of you have probably seen this set of tits with a girl attached to them. Her name is Annie Keenan, and unless you happen to have no eyes at all (being blind doesn’t count), you’ve seen her tremendously huge set of tits. Just look.



Obviously, a teenage girl of that body type with a set of tits measuring at an estimated “Holy-shit-those-are-huge” cup makes you wonder if they were real or not. Not necessarily if they were fake tits, as in implants, but if they were actually tits at all. The debate has been waged all over the net, and of course no one really knows, though so many are absolutely sure they know for a fact that they are this or that. I particularly like all of the people who know her saying that she’s real, and then have conflicting stories. This is the internet, and as we all know, if it’s on the internet than it must be true.

Now, you’ve probably noticed I’ve been saying “were”. Why? Because those tits no longer exist. Annie supposedly got a breast reduction, thus ending any attention she would ever receive again. She would probably be a ton of fun to bang, but without the massive rack she’s back to being a blonde with a big nose.


This is the apparent aftermath of the destruction of her gigantic titties. Or she unstuffed her shirt.

These two pictures are the only ones that help to prove Annie may have actually had a big set of tits on her. However, even that can be speculated against as many have pointed out by finding irregularities in clothing.


There is certainly one thing that remains certain. If the huge tits on this girl were actually real, their removal was a tragedy. How often are you likely to find a teenager, or any woman for that matter, with a slim frame like this and a set of tits the size of a VW Bus? We’ll probably never know for sure, and even I myself am a bit suspicious of them. I remember the first time I saw a picture of her. Her tits were obscenely huge, and all I could do was grab the lotion and go to work. Now, those days are over.  Thankfully, we have a whole new crop of sexy girls with big tits popping up all over the net. Their contributions are greatly appreciated. Smile with tongue out


Now, let’s take one last look at those used to be giant maybe titties.